***WARNING- This post is GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!***

I forgot to mention one other symptom.

Yes, I forget to tell you about the vurps. Or the “pukey burps” as I like to call them. I’ve been so blessed to have these since last Wednesday.

Uh, hum. I think that one is self explanatory so I will refrain from explaining. But, let’s just say that this is something new for me and so rather than complain I’m going to thank God that I’m pregnant and that I even have the vurps.

On a side note, there was a teacher today at my department meeting (who does not know I am pregnant, btw) talking about when she was pregnant and had morning sickness. She was all like, “Yeah, when I was teaching I would just throw up in my mouth and sometimes I would just swallow it.”


There is a trash can by my desk, people! Holding vomit in my mouth and trying to swallow it would just make me puke more. Is this for real? Who does that???


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