It’s like Groundhog’s Day around here

It’s like Groundhog’s Day around here

So every day I have been testing with two sticks and every day it’s positive. And yet, every day it’s like the first day I got my BFP! Seriously, I’m still shocked that I’m pregnant. It just hasn’t registered in my brain, yet.

Thankfully, I’m going to get my blood draw done tomorrow and I’m hoping that gives me some piece of my mind. Although, I have to admit that I’m kind of terrified all at the same time. What if my numbers aren’t good? It would be devastating to get pregnant after over two years for it to just not “stick.” It really would.

In other news, I definitely have symptoms at this point.

  1. My boobs REALLY hurt right now. ALOT. Not like it did from the progesterone. Way worse. It hurts to sleep on my stomach now.
  2. My boobs are GINORMOUS. When I took a shower yesterday morning I looked in the mirror and they seriously look like I got a boob job. This part I’m loving…
  3. I am lightheaded, sometimes dizzy, and have sort of like a constant headache. It’s difficult to describe. But, sometimes going on with my head that makes me feel nauseous.
  4. I feel sick if I don’t eat more frequently. (I’m terrified at just the idea of throwing up, so naturally I’m eating more) 🙂
  5. I am really tired. I mean, I’ve always been known to take naps after school, but I’m at a whole other level right now. Like I go home take a 4 hour nap instead of a 2 hour nap and then go back to sleep a couple hours later. Yes. At school yesterday all I wanted to do was put my head down and sleep. I’m just SO sleepy these days….

All that aside, I just wanted to say that I know that there are a few out there reading this blog that hate me right now for being pregnant. I totally understand. I would hate me right now, too. So don’t feel bad. I’ve been there and trust me, I have not forgotten. I will blog one day about the injustice of infertility and how it makes you feel things you thought you would never feel. Those are emotions that I will never forget.

4 thoughts on “It’s like Groundhog’s Day around here

  1. I don’t hate you. Not one bit. Actually, I feel quite the opposite. I am so overjoyed for you and I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE that you’re pregnant!! Truly! You deserve this. YOU give me so much hope. I have said it before, but I’ll say it again: You are an INSPIRATION. Thanks for allowing me to share your experience with you. Perhaps our babies will be near in age (*fingers crossed for my reproductive future*) and we can have play dates one day!! Maybe we’ll even be pregnant together and we can walk around like cows and shop for maternity clothes and eat bloomin’ onions from Outback. Okay, that was kind of random, but you get the picture. I am so joyful for you!!!!!xoxox!!!!!


  2. 4 and 5 are seriously how I am – I spent much of the last 8 weeks in my pjs as much as humanly possible, going to bed early and taking naps. Sleep and eat! It’s the same as what they do when they come out of you! 🙂


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