So Cliche!

So Cliche!

Have you ever waited for something for almost 2 1/2 years?

I have.

2 Years and 3.5 months actually. But, who’s counting? Right?


Do you realize how long that is to wait for something??? Some of you on here do, I know.

Well, let me tell you something. Those of us who have had the pleasure of learning the virtue of patience have heard some pretty stupid things regarding TTC and getting pregnant. Very, stupid. Like the worst kind of stupid- ignorant ungrateful stupid. But, I digress. There is one thing I’ve heard in the TTC realm that has always sort of silently peaked my interest, although I would have never admitted it until I got this other blog.

I know you’ve heard it….”I just KNEW when I got pregnant. I FELT pregnant.”

To be honest, I feel a combination of emotions when I hear this. I feel curiosity in what it feels like to be pregnant as I’ve never had that sensation. I feel jealousy that they feel pregnant and I don’t. I feel like bitch-slapping them for saying something so obscure and subjective that it just sounds plain cliche (like I felt the Holy Spirit in me – no offense, but that’s just not something Catholics feel so this is foreign to me).



Well, interesting that I’m asking myself this question. Because, the last couple of days I’ve felt pregnant. I know some of you want to bitch-slap me right now just for saying that, but it’s true. Since that obscure faint faint line on the HPT at 5dp3dt (5 days post 3 day transfer- means my embryo’s were 3 days old) I have felt pregnant. That’s why I took the damn test to begin with!

Of course, I can’t quite explain to you this pregnant feeling I have. Of course! Because it’s not real, people! But, nonetheless I feel pregnant and so I went ahead and did the stupid and got this:

I’ve basically been hysterical since- laughing and crying all at the same time. I just can’t believe it. I shook it around. I showed Matt to verify. I called my sister. I know it must sound weird to you that I could be in disbelief after having three embryo’s put in me, but remember- I’ve been waiting 2 years and 3.5 months to see this. I have NEVER had one of these before! EVER!

So once again, a reminder that this is my TOP SECRET blog and you have been given TOP SECRET information. I beg you not to tell a soul… Matt and I are waiting to tell our parents for another two weeks because his will be in town then. Then we can take them to dinner and tell them both at the same time. I ask that you please give me the opportunity to share my news with people myself. I’ve been waiting a long time to do that. Plus, I’m not even 4 weeks pregnant, people (not until Monday). I need some time to make sure this sticks.

Please send me sticky vibes. My Beta is not until next Thursday!!!

PS- If you happen to come across me in real life and say something to me about being pregnant I will deny it. I swear I will!!!

PPS- I will be in Orlando the next three days with 8 teenagers on a conference. Wish me luck. this will be interesting….

5 thoughts on “So Cliche!

  1. Thank you for sharing your top-secret information!!! Your secret is safe with me. I am just bursting with excitement for you. What an inspiration!!! I wonder what is feels like to be pregnant too. That is a weird thing to say, because I was pregnant. However, the ladies on my support site for partial molars say that their healthy pregnancies felt COMPLETELY different from their molars. I’m pretty excited to look forward to actually “feeling” pregnant. The only thing I felt with the PM was incredibly sore boobs the whole time. It was kind of surreal. Now that I look back on that time, I think I may even have felt like something was wrong from the start. Anyway, back to happy things…I am interested in how your prenatal care will be. Do you know if you will have weekly blood work or sonograms? I’m just curious. I fact, I have no idea how my prenatal care will be if and when I do become pregnant again. I am hoping they do weekly sono’s. I could do without the weekly blood draws though…ugh…already did that 8 weeks in a row, basically. Holy crap I’ve had a lot of caffeine. Jeez let me just write a wicked long comment! yayayayayayayayya for you!!I’m sendin’ good baby vibes your way!!


  2. So excited!!!!! We can be beached whales over the summer together!! 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed for you!And BTW, I’ve never “felt” pregnant that early. I don’t know really that I’ve felt pregnant at all.PS- Can I tell Kristy? She’s big in the praying thing, and she’s been praying that you get pregnant so she could start praying for stickiness too 🙂


  3. I seriously about jumped for joy when I saw “pregnant” . I am so happy for you. I will continue to pray that you have a healthy and complication free pregnancy, you more than deserve after the hell you’ve been through.p.s. I won’t tell your parents, I promise!


  4. Rebecca- I am going to be high risk for the whole 1st trimester at the very least. I won’t be released to a regular OB until week 10 or 12. I will definitely have more blood draws and sonos than a “regular” pregnant person. I will find out more this Thursday, but I will keep you updated.Rhiannon- nmake sure Dave doesn’t say anything to Matt or I’m screwed. Matt has no idea what I write on this blog. LOL! I’m so naughty….April- see my most recent post under PS. Also, I would love to be a beached whale with you this summer. I’m actually excited to get fat for the first time in my life. LOL!Rikki- Thanks so much for the support and for “coming out of the blogging closet!” LOL! Oh, and I’ve been meaning to email you to get an invite to your blog for like 3 weeks now. Can I read it?


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