My homemade Christmas presents

My homemade Christmas presents

Every year I like to make homemade Christmas presents. Don’t ask me why. It’s a kind of torture in some ways. But, every year I put myself through it anyway.

This year, I decided to make silhouettes. We’ve had a few new family members the past couple years and I thought this would be fun heirloom gift.

All I did was take digital profile pics of various family members. When making a silhouette, the subject should not smile or make any faces.

Afterwards, I printed out the pic onto regular printer paper. I took carbon paper and traced it onto canvas.
I then painted in the tracing with black acrylic paint and a fine paint brush.

I framed the final product. Voila! Easy heirloom gift…

I’m an overachiever, so I actually made like 15 of these. LOL! I can’t wait to make silhouette’s of my own children one day! 🙂

PS- anyone recognize my subject?

2 thoughts on “My homemade Christmas presents

  1. That is beautiful! I am glad you posted a finished product on here, because I've been wondering about these ever since our conversation at the Xmas party! I am totally making hand-made gifts next year. They will probably be something crocheted. We shall see! I love love love craftyness!!


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