Ugh, steadily going further down…

Ugh, steadily going further down…

Things are getting worse…

I should not have tested on Monday and I should not have said anything about it.

Since then I have tested multiple times a day and the lines have gotten increasingly lighter until this morning when it was blaring blank and back to just one line.

This can mean one of two (or both) things:
1) It was excess HCG leftover from the trigger shot
2) The unthinkable- I am not pregnant

I knew it was too soon to test. Now I’m going crazy dissecting pee sticks.

I feel terrible and I feel terrified. I’m convinced I’m not pregnant.

I’m not peeing ever again until my blood test next Thursday.

Well, at least not on any sticks.

PS- a handful of my students are convinced I’m pregnant- or so I heard from another teacher. Yes, they feel this explains why I was not at school a few days last week. One even mentioned that I’m “looking pregnant.”

Great! Now I’m fat and not pregnant. Even better.

5 thoughts on “Ugh, steadily going further down…

  1. I am sure it was leftover HCG from the trigger shot. Those freaking pee strips are so unreliable anyway! Which ones are you using? Different types/kinda detect different levels of HCG. I have read a bunch about people missing periods and such and not getting positive results from pee tests until later. The only truly reliable test is blood work. Please…try not to pee on any more sticks for a while!! You are going to torture yourself! Ugh I am so sorry for the stress this must be causing you!! Just remember, it will be so worth it. You are strong.


  2. It was probably the leftover HCG. Don’t lose hope! It is way too early right? Are you using the tests I got you? Just an fyi, they expired in Nov. so, they aren’t as sensitive as they use to be. I am keeping my fingers crossed and thinking of you! Try not to go too insane!


  3. I thought I posted yesterday but I guess it didn’t work! Anyway – Ditto to the above! You KNOW it was way too early to test, girl! I always get HPT+ or OPK+ for 4-5 days after my triggers. I’m sure it was the HCG. Don’t give up hope yet!!! Pulling for you & praying for you!


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