Embryo Transfer- check!

Embryo Transfer- check!

All done!

Our embryo’s are safe and snug in their uterine home. Hmmm…that sounds a little gross and weird. LOL! But, it’s true all the same.

When we got there today I was on a Valium. You would have thought I has high on something else, cause I could barely walk straight. But, I came in with my full bladder (torture!) and waited until they gave us the news of the embryo status.

My mom was sweet enough to come with us. I was very grateful for that. In fact, before I even get into details, I just want to stop and thank everyone who has sent me supportive messages, prayers, positive thoughts, and so on. I am truly amazed by the amount of people who have reached out to me. My parents stopped in last night to bring me some flowers and bring me lots of homemade chicken soup; my sister sent me various little prayers and phone calls of support; and my friends have sent me texts, emails, and comments of encouragement. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. I am so lucky!

Back to this morning… I was so nervous to hear what was going on with my embryo’s. I knew it was too much to ask, but I prayed and prayed that they all continued to grow and divide. And well, they did. I couldn’t believe it.

Of the embryo’s: 3 were perfect 8 celled embryo’s, 1 was a 6 celled embryo, and 1 was a 5 cell. All with little to none fragmentation. This was AMAZING news! It seems like someone did hear my prayers after all…

It was a difficult decision. We could only implant a maximum of 3. We really wanted to be able to freeze some. However, to be honest- freezing is usually not an option in IVF cycles. Very rarely do couples get that opportunity as many embryo’s stop developing before they reach that point. Obviously, we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket. We had to make the best decision for us and for our embryo’s (of which, I already consider to be our babies and I love very much. I would be devastated if anything happened to them).

After much consultation with the Dr. and with my mom, we decided to put in 3. We chose two of the 8 celled embryo’s and the 5 cell embryo. I can’t express why I had the need to use the 5 celled embryo, but I did. The thing is that although it was continuing to divide, it just wasn’t dividing appropriately. Typically, they divide in even numbers. Things didn’t look good for it. I couldn’t stand the thought of just letting it sit in a peitre dish and dying off all by itself, though. Since Matt and I had already discussed only implanting two this time, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to give the 5 celled embryo a place to be with it’s mother- even though it’s chances were slim to none that it would continue developing.

The final 2 embryos (an 8 celled and a 6 cell) still need prayers and positive thoughts. They are with the embryologist hoping to continue to divide into blastocysts so that we may freeze them. That’s my hope for them and for us. to give us another chance for a family (or larger family).

In the meantime, I keep thinking about this picture they had framed in the waiting room of the IVF department. It makes me laugh out loud and gives me a positive visual of my embryo’s still sitting with the embryologist. I think I’ll have to get one for my baby’s room eventually. Yes, I have that kind that humor….

PS- they gave me an ultrasound pic of my embryo’s getting all snug in my uterus! I’ll probably frame that one to put in the nursery, too! LOL!

6 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer- check!

  1. I have been thinking about you ALL DAY and I’m so happy and excited for you! I am amazed at your strength and perseverance. You are an inspiration. I am sitting here crying because of what you wrote about the 5 celled embryo. Those are possibly the most beautiful words I have ever read. What a selfless gesture. Literally, what you did is awesome. Much love to you!!!!


  2. I am praying that this is it and your get your miracle! I love what you wrote about the 5 cell embryo. You are going to be such a wonderful mother, your baby(or babies?) is lucky.


  3. Thank you all so much for all your kind words. This is going to be the hardest part now- the waiting. There is so much hope wrapped up in the next 2 weeks. It means so much to have you there to say such kind things and help keep me positive! 🙂


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