Got “the call!”

Got “the call!”

The IVF coordinator called me first thing this morning to give me the big news.

Current embryo status:
7 eggs were collected at retrieval
Of the 7, only 6 were “good” enough to fertilize
Of those 6, only 5 divided into embryo’s

We have 5 embryo’s! That is one better than last cycle (we had 4). Hopefully they all continue to divide into lovely grade A embryo’s at 8 or more cells. Last cycle we ended up with only 3 embryo’s as the 4th went into embryonic arrest at only 4 cells.

I keep doing my affirmations and visualizations when I can, so I’m hoping they listen to me and do their jobs. I would love to be able to transfer 2 and still have 3 to freeze for a frozen transfer.

Please, please, puhleaseeeeeee I hope someone is listening to me up there. I need all the help I can get.

4 thoughts on “Got “the call!”

  1. Suz – this is fantastic!! 5 embryos!! I am sending so many positive thoughts your way that I’ll be shocked if you can’t actually FEEL them! 😉 And prayers, girl. Prayers for this cycle and prayers for finding the right church home…


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