Egg Retrieval- Check!

Egg Retrieval- Check!

Egg retrieval is all done and pretty much I feel the same as last time.

This time they took 7 eggs.

I’m a little disappointed in this and so I’ve been kind of weepy most of the day. Last cycle they took 8 eggs. The whole point of this cycle was to make more eggs and yet they took one less. It just all seems kind of messed up to me.

My only comfort here is that the last time only 6 of those eggs were mature. It seems all 7 of these are mature which makes me one ahead?

I really hope so.

This whole ivf stuff is draining both emotionally and physically. I’m terrified of putting all my eggs in one basket- both literal and pun meanings intended.

My sister and my mom are doing a great job trying to keep me positive (and so are all of you! Thanks!). So, I’ve been spending most of the day sleeping off the anesthesia and visualizing seven eggs fertilizing and dividing, and dividing, and dividing some more.

PS- Matt has a really good impression he does of this with his hands. I wish you all could see it.

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