Too cold!!!!

Too cold!!!!

This time I’m not even complaining about me. Yes, I’m cold, but I’m wrapped in my snuggie with Boo and Lily I’m doing fine.

It’s the turtles I’m worried about! I saw on the news that they are so cold they are actually washing up on shore because they are stunned from the cold!!

Check it!

Poor turtles. And, the strawberries….The strawberries are freezing up and it’s almost time for the Strawberry Festival. This is a travesty! If I weren’t so cold, I would actually go to the beach and try and save some turtles.

Speaking of turtles, here’s a funny little ditty Matt found on youtube.

2 thoughts on “Too cold!!!!

  1. I heard about the iguanas doing the same thing! They are falling out of trees because they are stunned by the cold!This is getting a bit ridiculous, it needs to warm up ASAP!


  2. I agree too cold! It's 28* now, we bottomed out at 23*. When it hits 35* we are going to go out and survey the damage to the gardens and trees from the ice we got yesterday. Unbelievable weather for Central Florida. They had masses of workers picking the groves around us as fast as they could on Thursday and Friday. They still have mass citrus loss and some are worried that their trees may not make it. 😦 Poor little turtles……..


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