It is seriously cold here

It is seriously cold here

I had frost on my car this morning. A LOT of it, and of course I don’t have an ice scraper. I live in FLORIDA, people.

I didn’t sign up for this.

I’m freaking out about possible snow this weekend, too. Rain plus temperatures around 30 could equal snow, right??


Seriously, this could equal disaster for Floridians. We are not equipped to drive in any kind of ice conditions.

I think I’ll stay home and wrap myself in a my new leopard snuggie (yes, I got one!!)

3 thoughts on “It is seriously cold here

  1. It was snowing when I walked the dog and drove to work this morning. = ( Stay warm in your snuggie- I have the gator one and curl up in it every night!


  2. It has been so cold here! I bring my Gator snuggie every day to drive to work with it over my legs! And I'm using it for recess duty today (it's 42 right now). I use an old cd or expired credit card as an ice scraper. (And I've lived here 9 years!)The temp on Friday morning when I go to work is supposed to be 9 or something ridiculously low like that! We got the Christmas Eve ice storm that had everybody sliding all over the place!


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