That’s Mrs. Streetwalker, to you!

That’s Mrs. Streetwalker, to you!

It’s weird, but on Saturday I had a car wash planned with the club I sponsor and while I was there I had the epiphany that I really am a teacher.

I know you’re rolling your eyes at me, because obviously I’m a teacher. So it says on my paycheck and so on, but this sort of feeling I’m talking about was much different.

I have to admit that I was really dreading this car wash. My club (Florida Future Educators of America or FFEA) is going to Orlando later this month for a state conference. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I’m taking 8 teenage girls for a weekend in Orlando in an earlier post. This is what I’m talking about. They needed to raise some money for the additional room they need for two nights. So, I set it all up under this short notice and was able to get the January 2nd date.

Did I mention it was pretty chilly here on Saturday? Anyway, on my way to the car wash I kept thinking things like, “I’m the teacher, I’m just there to supervise,” “The kids are raising the money, not me. I don’t need to wash cars,” and so on. The idea of getting wet in the cold weather was more than I could handle. But, I drove on hoping that the girls had made it.

Out of 22, a mere 5 girls showed up. 5 of the 8 girls who are going on the Orlando trip, so of course I was getting really nervous. We made our signs and waited, ann waited, but eventually a car showed up. In fact, after a couple of hours we actually became very steady and even had 4 cars in line at a time!

It was amazing. Well, there were a couple of weird things that happened, though….like the old man who said “I just wanted to get my car washed so I could watch the show…” (pervert!). And the man with no arms that came jogging by wearing underwear (boxer briefs, eeewwww!). But still, it was amazing to see the support of the community members. It was amazing to see how hard the girls worked and how proud they were of their performance. It was amazing to see their faces when they realized they made $177!! (their goal is $240, but we have some additonal donations coming in from parents).

And guess what? I didn’t stand and supervise. I washed cars and I held signs while I stood on the street corner by the bus stop and waved people in. Yes, I did. And, I even got honked at- which, my students found HI-larious. But in the end I felt like I taught them so many very good life skills. Like how to be gracious. How to say “Thank You” to those who donated. How to be thankful for the work they had and the money they were able to receive on what otherwise was a very cold day for a car wash. How to be mindful of other people’s property. How to work together for a common goal.

It felt really good to be a part of this and I felt very proud to be a teacher. I am so fortunate to have a career I love.

Yay! I’m a TEACHER!

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