It’s a New Year!

It’s a New Year!

Happy New Year!

In Spain they have this tradition where you eat 12 grapes with your champagne at midnight. Each grape represents a month of the year- you’re supposed to make a wish for each grape. This is a tradition my family follows (my grandmother is from Madrid).

Soooooo, you can probably imagine what I’ve been wishing for the past 3 New Year’s. LOL! Hmmm…. I wonder??

Not this year, though. I remember our first New Year’s we were married. I was so excited for the year 2008. I just knew it was going to be the beginning of change for us and I couldn’t wait. I was right, too. It was a beginning of change- just not the one I’d been looking for.

April 2008: diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and start on Metformin therapy
July 2008: Start fertility drugs (i.e. clomid)
September 2008: referred to RE specialist
December 20008: failed IUI due to thin lining from fertility drugs

So, this year I decided to wish for the things and people I am most thankful for. Like for good health, Matt’s business to do well, for my Parent’s well-being, for my Tow Parent’s well-being, and so on down the list for all the people I care about. the last two years I have been so selfish thinking only of myself and why I haven’t been able to have a baby. I really want this year to focus on the things I have and not the things I don’t have.

PS- I didn’t do the ruby spell last night during the full moon. I thought about it, but I still do have some brain cells left after all these fertility drugs apparently.

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