Hello, 2010!!

Hello, 2010!!

The start of a New Year and the start of a new Decade.


As far as I’m concerned, 2009 effin blew big time (excuse my french)!!!

I could go through a whole list of reasons I’m happy to flush 2009 down the toilet, but let’s focus on the positive . Which brings me to my resolution: Focus on the things I have and not the things I don’t have. Matt’s is to not get so frustrated while driving. Well, actually what he told me today was that he came up with one last night and then after a few drinks he forgot it. (Chelsea Lately pause insert here) 🙂

Um, so I was thinking about everything I have. I have so much. I really do. It made the New Years party at our place so much sweeter to spend it with those that I love and that love me.

Behold our New Year’s Bash (Yes, there was Karaoke):

And since everyone else is being all nostalgic about the Year, I will insert my own little collage of pics so I can end 2009 with all my favorite memories.

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