Appointment Update

Appointment Update

I forgot to update you on my appointment yesterday. Basically, I already have some follies growing. They are not upping my meds because I guess my E2 levels got pretty high last cycle, so they are being careful to monitor this and do more ultrasounds. Sounds good to me.

Here is the funny part- the new hormones I’m on to help me stem the eggies came with these gigantic needles. I thought they looked much bigger than last time, but then again this cycle protocol is different. Well, when I say much bigger, what I mean is that the needle is about 3 inches long. And, it’s thick.

I had a needle I didn’t use from the last cycle that I used the first night. The second and third night I was SOL, so I used the damn horse needle that the syringe came with. You have to stick the WHOLE needle in, so as you can imagine my eyes were a bit watery because it STUNG LIKE A BITCH.

Ugh! There is not way I was going to finish off this cycle like this. It already takes all my willpower to give myself shots as it is. So, when I went in to see the Dr. yesterday morning I asked Gail about the needle…..very subtly. (ok, not really)

Me: “Gail, remember last IVF I had these tiny little needles that barely pricked?”

Gail: “Yeah. Don’t you have those now?”

Me: “Nooooo…they’re these HUGE needles.”

Gail: “WHAT? Ooops. I must have forgot to give you the little ones to switch them out with. Did I forget?”

Me: “Um, yeah I think so.”

Gail: “Oh My GOSH! I’m so sorry. Tell me you didn’t put the entire needle in.”

Me: “Um, yes. That’s what the nurse told me to do.”

So, I got some new needles along with the new fresh bruises on my stomach and thighs. But, my eggies are good. That’s all that matters at this point. Right???

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