Lupron, Bitch!

Lupron, Bitch!

This is the new fixture on my bathroom counter:


My first round of IVF, they cautioned me that I needed one of these red needle container thingys. So, I went to the CVS to purchase one- of course, they only had this one gigantic size. I bought it cause I needed one, but I really thought it would be a waste since it was so ginormous. It has been sitting in the back of my closet since the other one failed. Honestly, it takes work to get rid of these things. Since I just didn’t want to deal with my failing IVF cycle, I didn’t do anything with it.

And, here it is again.


So, let’s talk about Lupron.

I started on Saturday night. Since we went to Sarasota for a dinner at 7 pm (I have to take it at 6 pm), I had to do the shot in the car. The Lupron has to be refrigerated, so I literally took it in a little cooler. Gotta love infertility. It was quite a lovely experience (dripping in sarcasm, here).

Symptoms as of yet: Hot Flashes, not sleeping well, upset stomach.

Oh, and I HATE people. I pretty much was ready to kick out Matt because he left his steak n shake cup on the counter instead of putting it in the trash. In the past I have almost kicked him out for leaving peanut butter on his knives and then putting it in the dishwasher. So, that’s not so bad I suppose.

But, really! People, some people, have really been bothering me. You know, people can say some really stupid shit about things they don’t know about. Very inconsiderate things. Like about having babies and such…

So, without getting into any details let’s get back to the Lupron. My lovely friend, who is also on Lupron, has given me the solution to stupid people remarks. She says next time someone pisses me off I should say,

“One word. Lupron. Bitch!”

I guess it’s more like 2 words (or 4 if you count the phrase before it).

I just might use that one.

One thought on “Lupron, Bitch!

  1. You at least you have a good excuse for your crankiness. I have days when I ready to sell my husband because of stupid stuff like what your BIL did. And I have no excuse, lol. Good luck,I’m praying this works for you!


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