My favorite part about Christmas

My favorite part about Christmas

There are three things that are my absolute favorite thing about Christmas.

3) Midnight Mass
-Our church has the most beautiful Midnight Mass service on Christmas Eve. We get there 1.5-2 hours ahead of time to get a seat because it gets SO crowded! At 11 pm, the choir starts singing Christmas Carol’s until mass starts at 12 am.

2) Christmas Music
-I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Music. In fact, I started listening to my Christmas CD’s the week before Thanksgiving. I’m literally like some freaky, smiley, Mrs. Beaver in my car singing Christmas songs. If you see that girl on the road, it’s probably me. And yes, I’m wearing pearls.

Finally, my absolute most favorite thing ever about Christmas is…

1) Christmas Cards
-I run home every day and go straight to my mailbox to see what new Christmas Cards I received. Then, I hang them over the arch-way entrance into my kitchen so I can admire them throughout the month of December.

What is your favorite thing abut Christmas?


Sneak Peak of my Christmas Card collection

4 thoughts on “My favorite part about Christmas

  1. you should get my Christmas card tomorrow! :)My favorite thing about Christmas these days is having all the parents over for breakfast! As of last year I don't have to go anywhere for anything until 4ish! Woot!


  2. I feel like I could write the same exact post!! I have been listening to the Christmas Radio Station since before Thanksgiving as well! I spy my card in your collection!! Love you and Merry Christmas!


  3. Suzanne, I don't have your address. Email me it and I'll send you our card. PS- I also hang the cards we receive on the doorway to my kitchen!!!!


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