Home Ec Teachers unite

Home Ec Teachers unite

Today all the Home Ec Teachers of Pinellas County met for a Holiday brunch.

Yes, all the Sue’s, Suzie’s, Susan’s, Suzanne’s, a couple Carol’s, and a Dianne put on their pearls and their best Christmas sweaters to have mocktails, pass around our favorite recipes, and vote on which organization to send our collective donations to.

It was potluck. Quite honestly that was the best idea EVER when you consider we are all Home Ec Teachers and have all taught cooking classes. I whipped up a little gem called cornbread souffle, which is always a winner. And then, I did the unthinkable- I cooked it in a throw-away aluminum container.

Ok, really I have an unnatural attachment to my pyrex and couldn’t bear the thought of it getting destroyed or lost in the mass confusion of potluck. Oh, well. I figured I would just blame my faux pas on being young and not knowing any better.

Oopsie! Wouldn’t you know all the other ladies brought theirs in baskets. For Shame!

The brunch was at a lovely ladie’s home in Dunedin who is a well-known retired Home Ec teacher in the area and who also happens to have been chosen for the tour of homes. (They’ve been asking her for years, but she just finally agreed). Her decorations were amazing, so I made to sure to take pics for future ideas. Here is the Wreath she made HERSELF.

If only we could all be that talented at wreath making. I am green with envy! She also had a tree which blows snow from the topper. Yep! Behold some of her other creations:

Here are two things I found out today:

1) The only alcohol present at the brunch (Amaretto) was not there to make things more livelier and interesting. It was to cut the acidity from the orange juice. You only need a “drop.” Interesting. Didn’t. know. that.

2) When you think you are done decorating your tree, don’t stop. You are still only half done. Keep going. (true quote from our hostess and local Home Ec celebrity)

PS- Toys for Tots won the donations. I knew you were wondering that. And no, I don’t know if the Amaretto thing actually works with orange juice- I didn’t try it. I was driving. Ha!

Cornbread Souffle Recipe:
1 can of cream corn
1 can of sweet whole kernal corn (undrained)
8 oz sour cream
2 eggs
1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
1/2 stick salted butter.
Directions: Mix together and pour into casserole dish. Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

4 thoughts on “Home Ec Teachers unite

  1. I totally fess up to using alumnium containers too. So much easier. If there's one lesson I have learned about decorating for holidays (especially Christmas) in the past few years, it's #2. When you think you're done, keep going. There's no such thing as too much!!! Dave has finally just given in and agreed to buy a shed for my decorations since the garage is almost full!


  2. I'm making this for Christmas dinner. I make almost everything for Christmas breakfast when everyone comes to my house (this year it's biscuits and gravy, bacon, french toast casserole (I'm making Paula Dean's recipe), fruit and hashbrown casserole a la Cracker Barrel), but I'm still expected to bring things to my MIL's for dinner so I'm bringing this and a veggie platter. Thanks! 🙂


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