Today at the Gym

Today at the Gym

I’m finally back to the gym (unbelievable, I know). Today, my friend Tara was meeting up with me- she’s my motivator.

Anywho, on her way there she called to say she may be a few minutes late cause she was driving slow since there was a lizard on her windshield. When she finally pulled in the parking lot I walked up to her car to see if he was still there.

Sure enough, he was. Standing there frozen stiff in a surf-like position.

We looked to see if it was breathing, and we couldn’t tell.

We sprinkled it with water to get the shock out of him- no deal.

We got a piece of mulch and tried to touch him- no movement.

Apparently, as we’re trying to figure out the status of this lizard life, a man had been watching us the whole time. He came out of his car and issued a warning,

“Be careful he might bite!” chuckle

“No, I think he had a heart attack,” I said.

“Here, I’ll get him,” the silver-haired man said.

Very gently, the man tries to pick the lizard up off the windshield when it suddenly comes to life….and runs down his arm, across his stomach, and in-between his legs.

Um, all I’m going say is that it was very interesting (and entertaining) to watch this man try to remain clam while there is a lizard hanging out in his nether regions.

Fortunately, no lizards were injured during this process.

PS- I know you are all wondering if poopy pants was there (she was!)

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