Surprise #2

Surprise #2

Finally, I can divulge my final surprise!

Well, I suppose it is really more of an announcement….

Matt and I are continuing with Fertility Treatments this month!

We start December 19th, to be exact.

As I am now not a newbie in this realm of fertility treatments, I will be handling this event much differently. Basically, I am only going to say this much in this post on this blog:

I am choosing to not go into any details this time around. Although I tend to be an open book when it comes to my life, I feel that in such controversial matters that I will save these conversations for a new forum. Please note, that all I ask this time around is for your prayers, support, and positive baby vibes. No need to ask me any questions on updates, etc. In the event that Matt and I are pregnant, we will definitely make an announcement.

Whoa, wait! I’m not done…

I’ve begun another blog here. This is a private blog where I will go into the details of my journey with Infertility and it’s many treatments (including this latest one), etc. This will help ensure my privacy as I’ll have more control over who my readers are. If you are interested in joining me in my journey, you may either comment on this post, or email me with your email address (include names, please) requesting I add you as a reader. My email address:

I’ve already started posting there, so contact me ASAP if you are interested!

PS- Thanks again for everyone’s unconditional support. It has really made a huge difference in our difficult path to start a family.

5 thoughts on “Surprise #2

  1. Tons of Pt and PP and BFP vibes flowing across the state. My blog is also going private because we have picked up a pervert spammer. If you want to continue to follow my blog send me your email at and I will send you an invite.


  2. I'm interested!! 🙂 Can you add aprilbapryll(at)gmail(dot)com to the mix? I read through google reader (since I stopped blogging, have you noticed? ha!) but I still read every day!!!


  3. And PS, I can't imagine to know what you are going through with the infertility, but I have to say … we've been trying now for a few months for #2 and it hasn't been working out and I'm getting frustrated! I know I shouldn't be frustrated yet, but doing it for a purpose really burns me out. Getting pregnant right away for the first one evidently really spoiled me.


  4. I'd love to be added to your reader list Suz!! Can I? please, please! My email is tifwalk at gmail dot com(my IV board name is pretty witty huh? LOL) I'm so excited for you hun!!


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