Welcome to my new little place to talk about that big pink elephant in mine (and Matt’s) life. I created this blog to journal the darker side of our marriage– Infertility. I know I could just write this down in a cute little journal that I stick between our mattresses and never read, but the truth is that I need someone to listen, too.


Great! Because, I have big news…

As of December 19, Matt and I are starting our next IVF cycle.

We thought long and hard about this decision and I feel good about it. Honestly, I never thought I had to go through this again. I really thought that we would get pregnant the first time or we would finally get our oops. When neither of these things happened, we decided to move forward for the next cycle. So, here we are.

Current Status – waiting to start Lupron cycle on December 19 for ten days until cycle starts.

SCARY! Wish me luck and send positive vibes. I understand I’m going to be feeling pretty sick and moody!

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