Life gets back to normal, I mean crazy, pretty quickly

Life gets back to normal, I mean crazy, pretty quickly


My one week vacation from school is long forgotten. Yesterday, it was like 78 degrees outside and the heat was on in my classroom. Indefinitely. It actually broke on heat. No one could figure out how to turn it off. Not even our head custodian. I ended up leaving school early because I felt like I was going to throw up.

Which reminds me…My lovely MIL put a space heater in our room while we were in Ill., so my my Florida blood wouldn’t freeze (isn’t that sweet?). Well, my husband had it on 80 degrees while we were sleeping and I woke up in a daze. I could barely open my eyes and I felt sick. I had to turn it off and open the window, AND lay on the floor so that I wouldn’t throw up. (I’m afraid to throw up, remember?).

Back to my classroom: This morning I got to school and it was still hot in there. Luckily it was cooler so it wasn’t as bad as yesterday, but still. THEN, remember that boy I busted for drugs about a month ago? Well, since the Thanksgiving break he has decided to come to my room and harass me. Today, he asked me if I wanted to by some crack from him. He also said some really mean and disrespectful things to the other Teacher I co-teach with. Nice!

Lovely way to start the day, heh?

But, it gets better. One of the little ones threw about 6 text-book temper tantrums in a matter of 4 hours. The kicking and screaming while rolling around the floor kind of tantrums.

I tried the whole “Use your words, not your tears,” and ignore strategies but they were useless. So, finally I just sat him in the office and let him cry. And cry, and cry. And cry. Is that bad? I mean, I was in there with him and I did talk to him. But, really. I. just. couldn’t. take. it. anymore.

Is it Friday, yet?

One thought on “Life gets back to normal, I mean crazy, pretty quickly

  1. Not yet sweets. Temper Tantrum boy would have had me seeking alcohol as soon as possible. lolDrug boy needs someone to beat some respect and manners into his head. WTH? You shouldn't have to deal with his bullying tactics.I hope the week gets much better for you.


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