We’re BaaaaAAcckk…

We’re BaaaaAAcckk…

We just got back from Normal, yesterday. Yes, I’ve gone from Normal to crazy in just a few hours. Ha! But, seriously, we were in Normal, Illinois.

I do love my Tow family. It was so wonderful getting to spend a fun filled week with them. I am truly thankful and grateful for marrying into such a wonderful family. I miss them already!

Which leads me to this- I don’t think some of you realize our last name is pronounced “Tow” like “Wow,” or “How Now Brown Cow.” This little announcement is for my sorority sisters who haven’t seen me since I got married, but read this blog. Ha!

So, let’s just clear up right now that my name is SuzAnne TOw. Not. Susan. Toe. (Unless, your calling my name from a raffle to win a brand new car or $10 million dollars or anything, really. Then, I will gladly respond to Susan Toe.) 🙂

One thought on “We’re BaaaaAAcckk…

  1. *laughing* glad you cleared that name thing up for us. Happy to hear that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Tow family. Now onto the Christmas mayham!


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