Black Friday Goodies

Black Friday Goodies

Just so you know, I’m not one of those that enjoys shopping in the crowds of Black Friday. HOWEVER, when I saw the awesome deal at Sam’s on the red Acer Netbook I’ve been wanting, I was slightly interested in trying it out.

Ok, more than slightly. I woke up this morning at 3:30 am to got to Sam’s by 4. I was number 10 in line. All was good until I realized I was in Illinois and it was like 30 degrees and windy it outside. Really, it was the most torturous thing I’ve ever done to myself. By the time I got inside my toes and fingers were burning. I couldn’t think straight and I could barely walk, let alone hold my ticket. What the hell I was thinking???

I joked all of Thanksgiving day that I was going in elbows blazing with a quick sprint to my red Acer. Um, no one told me that my bones were going to ache and that even at a sloth like speed my whole body was going to ache.

I think my next Black Friday Shopping Spree in Florida.

Let’s admire my pretty red netbook that I’m on typing on right now as we speak!!

This little goody cost me only $197.99 and I didn’t even have to push anyone down for it. (The same pretty thang is selling for $378 at Wallyworld! Booya!)

Oh, and did I tell you I also got that Kitchenaid hand mixer I’ve been wanting?? YESSSSSsssss!!!!

You know, I think mom’s all over the world will hate me for saying this, but waiting in line for Black Friday does kind of make me think it’s like labor. I mean, it was terrible while I went through it. I felt sick and crazy. But, now that it’s all over and I’ve got my new little baby here on the couch with me I’m kind of excited to do this again next year. LOL! Ok, you can hit me now…

One thought on “Black Friday Goodies

  1. lol! Good for you! I avoid Black Friday like the plague. If the treadmill I'm coveting had been one of the Black Friday specials, I would have been waiting when the doors open. Enjoy your new baby. Ps…..I'm going to remind you of this post when you eventually pop out a real live baby and ask you how they compare. lmbo!


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