I think I’m getting played….but, I kinda like it

I think I’m getting played….but, I kinda like it

We have this cutie little boy in the preschool with these golden curls and chubby cheeks that I just find adorable! Last week, thanks to my sinus infection, I had to take Tuesday off and get a sub. When I got back to school on Wednesday, I was in the classroom helping some of the high school students when I’m told that this particular little boy was in the bathroom and asking for me.

Oookkkaaayyy….this can’t be good.

So, I go to the bathroom already hiking up my sleeves and getting ready for some latex gloves when I see him standing there by the door. He tells me he needs me to help him take his shoes off….and his socks….and his shorts…and his underwear….and his shirt. When I ask him why he tells me he has to go to the bathroom.

Okey, dokey.

I take off all his clothing and help sit on the toilet when he asks me to please go. He needs privacy, he says.

No problem.

I stand by the door to wait and see what happens. A couple seconds later he yells that he’s done and that he needs me to help him. I go back in and help in put back on all his clothes, and socks, and shoes. Then we wash our hands and he goes back to his table. Done and done!

Thursday- same request from him
Friday- same thing
Monday- no preschool

Then, Tuesday. Yesterday, he starts first thing in the morning before the other kiddies are there and then every 30 min or so after that. I think I took off all his clothes and put them back on at least 6 times. 6 times! The last couple times, though, I started to notice that he wasn’t even peeing. I would take a step out and then 1 second later I’d hear, “I’m doooonnneee.”

I think he’s using me! Maybe he likes the attention?? I don’t know, but you know what? I think I like the attention, too. LOL! This could turn into something real ugly, I think.

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