Should I get one?

Should I get one?

At the doc’s office today I picked up a copy of “Conceive.” Besides the article about how PCOS is the leading cause of infertility, (to which I thought- “no shit, Sherlock.”), there was a very interesting ad about an etsy shop called “Vulva Love Lovely.”

First, I would like to preface by saying that the word “vulva” is one of my least favorite words along with the c & p words.

So back to the ad; it was specifically trying to sell infertile women a plush super hero uterus with a cape and all. This one to be exact:

I mean, seriously, who wants a stuffed uterus super hero? Or, a large Uterus Maximo huggy pillow?

Either these sudafed I’ve been taking have made me off my rocker or I really want one, cause I actually went online and looked this thing up.

Yeah. It kind of makes me think about how I’m not exactly BFFL’s (Best Friends For Life-my students tell me) with my own uterus and how we’re more like frenemies….maybe if I hug a large over sized snuggie like the Maximo Uterus I’ll feel more positive.

I’ve tried crazier things to get pregnant, people (which we will NEVER get into on this blog, btw)!! Crazier is the thought that I think I could actually make my own uterus huggy.

Does this woman really make money from this? Or even worse, THIS. Cause, I could make my own infertility crafts if I really put my mind to it.

Speaking of crafts. I’ve got a few little diddy’s I’ve been working on that I will blog about soon. I also have two surprises I’m going to throw out there before the end of the year. And, NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. If I were, I wouldn’t actually be considering an infertility craft business or a Uterus huggy pillow….

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