3 staple items in your fridge

3 staple items in your fridge

They just opened a new SweetBay Supermarket by the high school. Naturally, many of our students are applying for some of these jobs that are opening up. They’ve been bringing in applications and interestingly enough one of the questions on the app is “What are 3 staple items in your fridge?”


I really thought about this question, and strangely enough I determined that currently my staples are…

(drum roll, please)

Organic juice, olives, and pickles.

Sounds gross, I know. But, true. Everyday I have to have juice, olives, and pickles (not all at the same time). Ewwww….

What are yours?

5 thoughts on “3 staple items in your fridge

  1. That's tough. Mt. DewCheese (Parmesian, Cream, Shredded some sort of cheese!)Fuze drinks or water or milk for when I shouldn't be drinking Mt. Dew!And now I'm hungry so I need to go eat lunch!


  2. I'd have to ask which fridge……we have two. One in the kitchen and one in the garage. I always have Milk, eggs, and apples on hand…..well to be honest I never run out of anything so the fridge is always stocked.


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