Halloween Party!

Halloween Party!

Saturday night we went to the “other West’s” house for Halloween! It was a great time! Rhiannon and Morgan made a super scary good shrunken head punch and we ate graveyard enchilada’s for dinner.

I, of course, made dessert because it’s more fun to make the goodies (IMO). I swear that if this whole teaching thing doesn’t work out that I’m going to culinary school to be a pastry chef. I’m not saying that I’m that good at making dessert by the way, I’m not. I just have fun doing it. Especially the part where I get to lick the bowl and spoon afterwards.

Here were my additions to the party:

Graveyard Velvet Cake with worms crawling on it (Maybe I could submit to cakewrecks. LOL!)

Chocolate covered strawberries, sandies and marshmallows. Plus, almond bark covered pretzels.

PS- Did you see the full moon this morning?? It was totally something out of a Halloween scene. It was awesome!

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