What I do

What I do

You know what? Chele just asked me a really good question, which made me realize I must be confusing some of you. So, I will clarify my job description in this post!

I am a high school teacher. In the past when I’ve blogged about school I taught Nutrition, Cooking, Child Development, and Parenting Skills. This year, I sort of moved up cause now I teach Early Childhood Education. This is much different from the other classes I was teaching, because at my high school we have an on-campus full-running preschool. Which means I basically do two jobs at once. I have 6 full classes of 20-36 high school students daily whom I teach how to be preschool teachers. I also have 24 preschoolers ages 3-5 who come tues-fri from 8:30-12:30. The preschool is run by the high school students while I direct them. I have anywhere from 40-60 total students a day (tues-fri). Yikes! Luckily, I do have one other teacher that I co-teach with so I’m not managing all these kids on my own!

It’s a really wonderful program and I LOVE my job (except for the part where I am COMPLETELY exhausted every single day). I get the best of both worlds, you know? Also, I went through this program at a different high school when I was a teenager and it made a huge difference in my life. The best thing, is that everyone who completes 4 levels of the course can get all their clock hours to teach in a preschool. This is a big deal right now, since the economy is so bad that most people can’t afford things like college. That means these kids leave high school employable.

So, there you have it! In a nut shell, I teach high school and run a preschool at the same time. It’s hard work!

This reminds me…remember my post from yesterday about the little girl and boy who were discussing who the boss is? Well, the little girl let me know today that she talked to her mom and her mom let her know that in their house she and her little brother (the kids) are the boss. This cracks me up for two reasons:

1) She calls her baby brother “baby brodder” and she really thinks that’s his name.
2) She doesn’t know what a boss is or just how right they are about that fact (she is very bossy!!!)

Oh, and as far as the high school students go, I don’t post much about them because the things they say aren’t as cute Most of their vocabulary has many 4 letter words and internet/text lingo. But, if you are dying to know I’ll just tell you that today I found a baggy of maryjane in the pocket of one of my male students. I had him arrested right there in my office (after school when no one else was there). Yep! For real! See…they really aren’t as cute! (And, um he really had quite a bit of the stuff for being a little 14 yr old pimply-faced freshman)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween weekend! Don’t forget to set your clocks back on saturday night/sunday morning!!!

One thought on “What I do

  1. Thank you for clarifying that for me. What a terrific program! Kudos for taking on pre-schoolers and teens at the same time. My least favorite age with my sons were the years they were 4……..they have since been referred to the "F-ing Fours". lol Fortunately, their teen years have been relatively easy.


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