Infertility Update

Infertility Update

So I know my mouth has been shut since the whole IVF debacle of the summer of ’09, but really there isn’t much to say. Some people have *tried* asking me very nicely where I’m at with that right now so I figure I will go ahead and give you the easy on it.

Basically, Matt and I are not not trying, but we aren’t trying in terms of fertility treatments. Does that make sense? No….I know. But, that’s the best way I can explain it.

We’re just staying positive right now and keeping faith that it will happen for us one day.

In other news, I have become most interested in the Foster Care system ever since I met Ashley Rhodes-Courter and read her book “Three Little Words.” Does this mean we are ready to do this, yet? No. But, I figure I would find out some more about it, so I’ve been reading more memoirs and such.

One in particular is “A Child Called It” by Dave Pelzer. I had read it before with my class. It is quite disturbing and yet difficult to put down. So, I got a class set for my classroom and decided to read it again on my own. WOW. It’s a story of one of the most horrid cases of child abuse to hit the court system in California. It’s an easy read, too. I’m talking like a 1 hour read.

Since I couldn’t get enough of that one, I read the next book in the series “The Lost Boy.” This is the sequel following the main character through his years in foster care. Another fantastic read.

If your like me and have to know more, there are two more books in the series; “The Privilege of Youth,” and “A Man called Dave.” I’m currently reading “The Privilege of Youth.” It’s another one of those books you just can’t put down.

Since I never do anything half-ass, I also read “A Brother’s Journey,” which is the story written by Dave Pelzer’s brother Richard Pelzer. That was just neat to read the story from another perspective.

They really are amazing novels. My high school students can’t get enough of them. They are constantly asking me for the other names of the books in the series and where they can get them. It’s hard to get teenagers to read anything let alone ask me about books, so I would give this the teen stamp of approval as far as readability goes.

On a side note, I am volunteering for a Foster Child event this Saturday in Tampa. It’s an event that helps place Foster Children with Adoptive Parents. I’m really excited to see this process, though I have a feeling I’ll be very teary-eyed (from happiness) at this event.

2 thoughts on “Infertility Update

  1. My friend Lisa is in the process of adopting, and she's going through the state programs instead of private adoption. She just finished taking the classes, and is now waiting for them to do a home study, I think. She never "tried" to get pregnant. I think she just decided that adoption was the way to go for her.Love you!


  2. Suzanne,My friend, Ashley just adopted an eight year old girl. She lives here in Florida on the east coast and is one of the founders for a Heart Gallery agency in that area. If you go to my blog and look for Heart Gallery in the labels you can learn more about it. If you have questions, just email Ashley and tell her I told you to contact her. I will keep +++ vibes for you that you will become parents soon, one way or the other. Hugs.


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