Do you know David Blue?

Do you know David Blue?

So, have I told you about an old pal of mine from Drama Club, fellow Thespian, David Blue? As it turns out he is one of the very few from ole Countryside that actually hit it big.

One night I was channel surfing before bed when I stopped at Ugly Betty. I though, “Hmmm, that gay camera guy looks like David Blue.”

(For the record, David’s character he played was gay. I’m not saying David is gay. Although, if he was I wouldn’t care, but I’m just sayin. I don’t want to offend).

So back to channel surfing….2 days later I’m in my old routine of said channel surfing before bed when I see a subway commercial. There is David Blue again!

Holy Cow!!

Back to my point….David Blue made it big and now he is on these new series on SyFy called Startgate Universe (SGU).

Yep, so a week ago yesterday was the series premiere and I made sure to DVR it even though I’m not really into the whole sifi thing. I went to O-town last weekend and didn’t get a chance to watch it, but since Matt is in New Orleans for the LSU game I decided to catch up on my t.v.

Side note- I’m so so so so so so very jealous that Matt is at the Gator game at LSU. UGH!!! Words cannot even express my jealousy. It’s the same amount of envy I have for pregnant women (to give you an idea).

Again, back to my point. I actually really like SGU!!! It’s really good and very interesting. I am so proud and happy for David’s accomplishments. I wish all of you could get to meet him although he might be too famous to be friends with me now. He is just a very genuinely nice talented guy.

Congrats, David!

Go David Blue and Go Orange and Blue!!!

David’s the 6th one in from the left (or 4th from the right). He plays a big part as Eli Wallace. You can catch SGU on Friday nights on the SyFy channel at 9 pm (eastern). Click on the pic for more info.

PS- One of my teacher friends at school was all like “I’m best friends with Betty White…” And I was like “Um, well David Blue drew me a rose one Valentine’s day in High School. So there!”

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