not quite a movie review

not quite a movie review

Matt and I saw Zombieland last night. I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it because I don’t like scary movies. But, Matt insisted it was not scary and that I would like it.
Sooooo, I begrudgingly went to the movies with him and guess what? I liked it! Also, the tomatometer on rotten tomatoes gave it an 89% which is pretty good.

My point is that if you are one of those that like to get into the spirit of the holidays and wants to see zombie movies and such in the month of October, I am personally recommending this one. I know that doesn’t mean much, but it made me laugh out loud and not many things do that for me.

Also, on a different and totally unrelated note, I got myself the most awesome flat iron EVER! I know I’ve been like one big terrible commercial these past few days, but this is the season for shopping and that is the one thing I am good at!!

This little puppy is kind of pricey, but I haven’t had hair this awesome since I was 5 years old and my mom did it for me every day.

Shhhhhhhhh…don’t laugh! My mom gives a mean haircut and I did have the best hair in my kindergarten class. Click on the pic for more info about my (other) new favorite toy.

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