It feels like Fall!!!

It feels like Fall!!!

OMG! The cold front in Florida right now is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Ok, well I use the term “cold front” loosely. Cause, you know, it’s not exactly cold. It does feel like fall though, and that makes me feel excited for the holidays. I think I’ll start decorating for Halloween tonight.

Know what else makes me excited about Florida right now??

Um, how about the new awesome Disney Deal that’s coming soon in 2010; “Give A Day. Get A Disney Day.”

PS- Ok, honestly the truth is that I hate when it gets cooler here. BUT, cold front in Florida = no humidity = no more frizzy hair. I know I’m vain, but it’s the truth. So there!!

2 thoughts on “It feels like Fall!!!

  1. Suzanne, you are true Floridian when you hate it when it gets cooler here. I live for those cooler months, it's the only thing that gets me through the rest of the year down here. Like you I'm loving every second of this weather.It figures Disney would do this promotion AFTER we just bought family annual passes. lol


  2. I am loving the weather too! We are doing a picnic dinner at the beach tonight! Let me know when you are signing up to volunteer and I will go with you!


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