Bad math

Bad math

Summer math:

3 cocktails + running down 1 flight of stairs to get 1 frozen pizza out of the oven = 1 sprained foot.


Since school started today, I guess I won’t be getting my “summer projects” completed. I was in the middle of finishing the upstairs when I got the cankle.


The good news is that the limp is finally gone and I got some Vicoprofens out of the deal.

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to mention that I have figured out where all the “old” people hang out in the Tampa Bay area (by old, I mean 75 +). I went to one of Allstate’s financial seminars at Sam Seltzer’s to represent the Tow Agency and noticed an alarmingly large population of elderly persons. I sat out on the bench waiting for some friends and witnessed more than a handful of people walking (or rolling) through the door with oxygen tanks and walkers/wheel chairs. I actually thought for a minute I was at the wrong place. Like maybe I went to a nursing home on accident. Trust me. If you know me, you know it wouldn’t be so strange for me to accidentally go to a nursing home rather than a steakhouse. But, no! I was at the right place…

More interestingly (I know that is not grammatically correct, but I like it) were the cow statues in the front. At one point a little girl and her mom came out and actually posed for a picture with them. Well, “on them” is more appropriate as the little girl hopped on for a ride. But it kind of made me think about how we, Americans, have this thing posing with statues.

Don’t act like you haven’t done it before, either….

We’ve all been there. I have pics from New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, and beyond of me and friends with random statues/wax figures.

I can even prove it. *smirk*

One thought on “Bad math

  1. lmao~ up here in Ocala they all congregate at the Bob Evans when their not in Publix having happy hour in the middle of the


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