Big Brother Connection

Big Brother Connection

Anyone out there watching Big Brother?? If I told you Matt and I are, it would be an understatement. We aren’t just watching it, we’re also following it via the Showtime Afterdark Special and on live feed on the nets.

Yes, I know what you are thinking.

Anywho, what I wanted to say is that “Casey” happens to be a 5th grade school teacher in my district. I actually looked him up on the district web and found him in my outlook. Should I email him? I wouldn’t know what to say, though without sounding creepy….

“I’m watching you.”

“I really like that hat you wore the other day during the have/have-not competition.”

“Good Luck, you’ll need it.”

Hmmm….I’ll leave you with a little clip of the type of professionals that teach your kids on a daily basis. (This is a clip of him doing his second job: DJ Mingle Mixx)

Oh, and here he is in his school faculty picture (circled in red):

In all seriousness, though: Casey, we’re rooting for you!

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