I think I’m out of my funk now….

Highlights for this week:
1) Squirrel with a taco in its mouth (For reals! It was by my mailbox!)
2) Tiny lizard carcass on my driveway next to the newspaper
4) I found a Walker in our storage closet (like for elderly or injured persons, not for a baby)
3) IKEA on Friday with some girls

In all seriousness, I haven’t been doing much. I regret to say that the bumpits just may not be right for my hair type. I have really thin baby hair and they keep showing! So, I’m still working on that….Anyone have any tips for me??

On the other hand, I have organized our outside storage closet, done lots of laundry, cleaned the staircase, organized the baker’s rack, and (again) organized the pantry.

Next on my list:
1) clean out guest bedroom
2) rearrange our bedroom furniture
3) paint the rest of my house
4) put pictures up
5) organize upstairs storage closet

Oh, yeah! I can’t forget to mention that I’ve been crocheting. I actually really like it and will be sure to post pics very soon.

Since we are making lists, lets make a few others- like all the t.v. shows I’ve been watching.

Good t.v.:
1) Nurse Jackie
2) True Blood
3) Big Brother 11
4) Samantha Who

Bad t.v.:
1) Tori & Dean
2) Bachelorette
3) Better Off Ted
4) Montel Williams
5) Days of our Lives
6) Big Brother 11 (after dark)
7) How do you solve a problem like Maria

Don’t ask me how I have time to watch all these. It really is a full-time job. Good thing my full-time job doesn’t start for another 5 weeks.

Finally, I would like to comment on my upcoming birthday. I know last year I had this big countdown thingy for my big 3-0. Just wanted to let you know that this year I will not be turning 31. Actually, from here on out I will be turning 29 on the big day. So, just so that we are clear I WILL BE 29 on JULY 25.


3 thoughts on “Funky

  1. I tell the kids I am 24. They believe me but for some reason remember seeing a 3 on my cake at one point or another…"maybe it was when I turned 23, honey"….LOL


  2. I've solved your bumpit problem… Go get those Jessica Simpson clip-on hair extension thingies!!! Clip those into your hair and then put the bumpits in! PROBLEM SOLVED!


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