More on my special purchase

More on my special purchase

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about bumpits.

(Exactly as I started typing this, Matt looks down at the table and says, “Bumpits?” with a questionable face- No Joke!!)

Remember that I am on summer break and that I have no kids and no job right now. So cut me some slack on thinking this much about bumpits.

Ok, so back to my thinking. Because I am not exactly what someone might call normal, I like to call myself quirky by the way, I have come up with all these potential problems with the bumpits.


Weddings! Remember there is always a really drunk girl at most weddings. Instead of the usual nipple slip we might also see a bumpit slip. Yeah.

First dates! Imagine all the girls wearing their granny panties worried their bra padding might pop out, or that there is something in their teeth, or that their bumpit is showing. Eeeck! What if your date thinks you have really nice hair and decides to touch it and and can feel the bumpit???

Girls night out! Things get crazy, you barely remember getting home, you wake up and realize your bumpit is not only showing but it’s tangled! A tangled bumpit could be very dangerous. Like, what if you have to cut it out. No good.

Yes, I know. I’m married. Matt would probably not even tell my my bumpit was showing and snicker silently if it happened to me. But, I’m thinking of all the single girls. What about all those college sorority girls out there with their bumpits. It could be, well…..a travesty.

Anyway, I still really love my bumpits. I haven’t quite mastered them yet, though. I think I’m going to have to wait until I wash my hair again since my hair dried funny this last time and my part is all messed up. I can’t get the bumpit quite how I like it. No worries- I have promised pics and I will get pics.

Something else to look forward to- bumpit songs! Yes, I’ve been making up little ditties as I play with my hair. Nothing new really as I make up songs to my cats, too.

Oh, and I have a follow-up IVF appt with my Doc tomorrow morning. Should be interesting. This will be the time that he evaluates my file and tries to figure out why I didn’t get pregnant. He better not tell me some cliche thing like I have a hostile uterus or something because I will take out my bumpit and show him who is hostile (hint: not my uterus).

Happy Birthday, Holly!!!

One thought on “More on my special purchase

  1. I must have missed an entry or two because I have no idea what the hell a bumpit is. lol! Good luck w/ your appt. tomorrow. Now, I'm off to see what I have missed.


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