Highlight of the day….

Highlight of the day….


Yep, I went to get a few pharmaceutical items and spent more than an hour walking up and down the isles.


Did I hear you ask what was so exciting about Walgreens?

Um, well where else can you buy a pool float, a $6 bottle of wine, a Bag O Undies, ice cream, cereal, a sleeping gnome in a hammock, a pony tail holder with fake hair, intelligender, tampons, aspirin, and a fanny pack with a built in compass???

More importantly, where else can you buy all “As seen on TV” items such as my new very favorite purchase- BUMPITS!!!

Next on the agenda: Play with my brand new bumpits and take pictures.

3 thoughts on “Highlight of the day….

  1. i have no idea what these things are supposed to do, but Ima buy them when I go to walgreens… even though i have short hair… i love as-see-on-tv junk!


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