Matt and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Ceviche in St. Pete tonight. We love, love, love it!!!

This dinner was a little special, though. It was a celebration and we didn’t go alone and the conversation was, wellllll…..ah-hem….let me just tell you and let you be the judge.

*Persons will be left anonymous for humility’s sake*

Girl: “I had to see patients last week and I saw a man (relative of a semi-famous person) that is 104 yrs old!!”
Me: “Whoa, that’s crazy. Did he look good?”
Girl: “Yeah, but I saw his penis. I saw a 104 yr old penis!” (laughter from both of us)

Girl (yelled across the table to a man): “I saw a 104 yr old penis this week!!” (giggles)
Man: “So. I see a 60 yr old penis everyday.” (he’s 59)

Yep. So most of you that know me can probably guess who these people are. I’ll give you a hint: I share DNA with them.

If you thought I was even the least bit quirky, you now know why.

*Disclaimer: we drank 2 pitchers of sangria*

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