Girly Day!

Girly Day!

Yesterday was a BLAST!

Know why??

NO GUYS, yippee (and another silent cheer)!!

Rhiannon and I are both teachers, so we are just completely and totally busy this summer (j/k). We decided to do a little a girly pamper with mani/pedi’s and lunch at the mall. Afterwards, we walked around and took advantage of some of the incredible semi-annual sales and store closings.

We spent a little more money and decided “Why let the day end there?” I mean we are technically getting paid more over the summer. So, we stopped by the Panera next to the Kohl’s for some iced/frozen coffees and a little more shopping.

Well, guess what was playing at 4:30 at the movie theater down the street? “The Proposal.” We dragged our girly day to the movie theater to watch a movie our husbands refuse to take us to. Why not? It was super cute- I heart Sandra Bullock and I’m totally jealous of her body, btw.

When we left the movie we still had the glassy excited look in our eyes of not having any annoying guys asking us about our spending so we ended the night with girl talk and a bottle of wine. Both Matt and Dave were out doing “man things” we weren’t invited to, so we took this as our excuse to admire our nails and discuss annoying male habits and this.

PS- looks like the www was right for a change. I once found on google that not too long after an ivf cycle you will lose like 7 lbs super fast once the hormones start to leave your body. As of this morning I’ve already lost 5. Thank you, God and Woo-hoo!!

One thought on “Girly Day!

  1. I had so much fun! We definitely need to do that more often. I went back to the mall today and bought 2 more of the long skirts, they are so comfortable!


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