Lucky Streak!

Lucky Streak!

No, it is not a BFP!

We have been in Vegas for one day and boy have we’ve been lucky. Our flight leaving Tampa was on time with no delays through security. Once we got to our connection in Chicago I got pretty nervous cause that airport is crazy (and not my favorite either). But, no worries. We had lunch and casually walked to our gate in time to board in less than 20 minutes. We got to Vegas just right at 4:53 pm (Vegas time). Perfect timing to get our rental car and settle in to our room. When we got to the car rental place, we went right to the executive line (that Matt is a member of) and had our car within 2 minutes. There were no more full-size cars but that was ok since they upgraded us to a luxury at no extra cost!! We are driving around Vegas in style; in a Black and Steel Chrysler 300, to be exact. Whoo-hoo! So, we drove right up to valet at our casino and got comped to the new tower in the recently renovated Riviera. WOW! It is amazing! It has a flat screen t.v. and marble tops. It’s very beautiful. I stayed in the Riviera a long time ago when I was a child when it was still a popular place. I know Vegas has changed a bit since then, but I had this nostalgia of memories I have been keeping since then and really wanted to stay here again. We’ve basically stayed in every place here in Vegas so we figured, “what the heck.” I’ll post pics of the car and room when we return.

So, after we settled in we explored the casino and found a fun little arcade. Afterwards, we got hungry and we drove down to Downtown Vegas for a dinner buffet at the Golden Nugget and the light show. We also dabbled in a little gambling- well, I did (Matt doesn’t gamble, but he supports and cheers me on!) We won $70 on roulette and another $50 or so on penny slots. All together, we ended up with a free evening and we’re up like $20. Yeah!!

Ok, got to go explore….

5 thoughts on “Lucky Streak!

  1. Woohoo! When I was in CT last weekend, we stopped at some random grocery store for lottery tickets. I didn't win anything on the lottery ticket, but on the way out of the store I saw some bubblegum machines. Being the big kid that I am, I fished a few quarters out of my pocket and inserted them into the machine and out popped… GOOD LUCK CARE BEAR!!!I thought of you and all your signs!I'm wishing you all the best of luck hun!


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