Positive Pregnancy Sign #10

Positive Pregnancy Sign #10

Not really so positive. I’m feeling AF cramps which is pretty scary. I also broke down and took an HPT which was negative. I shouldn’t have taken it since I am only 9 days post transfer and I shouldn’t start testing until 11 days post transfer, but still. I’m feeling a little defeated and quite depressed.

Maybe I will be drinking in Vegas after all.

3 thoughts on “Positive Pregnancy Sign #10

  1. Cramps don't mean anything! I was sure the hag was going to show when I got my BFP because I had AF Cramps everyday for a week. Stay +++++!Good luck!


  2. Thanks ladies for the support. I've spent most of the day in bed or crying over my cheerios. I'm trying to stay positive for the next few days, but it's tough! I really appreciate your prayers and thoughts.Suz


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