What not to do after IVF…

What not to do after IVF…

1) Call your mom and tell her you’re going to stop by for a minute.

Yes, Matt and I went to the mall and used the gift card my parents gave him for his birthday to get him some clothes for Vegas. So we thought we should stop by my parents house to show them what we got. I called my mom and asked if we could stop by and she said yes and we hung up. My mom lives exactly 2.3 miles from the mall, so it literally took us 2.3 minutes to get there and as we are driving I realize that my mom probably thinks I’m bringing her my positive pregnancy test. Oops.

Well, we get to my Mom’s house and I see her standing in the doorway as we’re parking with a HUGE grin on her face. Oops.

I quickly tell her I don’t know if I’m pregnant as I haven’t tested and she starts laughing. She had already told my Dad that I was pregnant and put a 2-litre bottle of coke in the freezer to have a celebratory crown and coke with the news. Oops.

Oh, well. Maybe when I put my big girl pants on and test I’ll be able to go over there with my positive test and watch my family have a celebratory drink.

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