Positive Pregnancy Sign #9

Positive Pregnancy Sign #9

The truth is that I am just “feeling pregnant” today. I say that tongue and cheek since I’ve never been pregnant- but I’m definitely feeling something. Which leads me back to my hpt fear. Cause, what if what I’m feeling is all due to the progesterone? Also, I am definitely showing signs of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), which is very common after IVF.

Bleh! I think it’s crazy that I am supposed to stay calm and avoid anxiety during this whole waiting period after the embryo transfer. It’s simply impossible!

So let’s think positive thoughts. Like how I had 3 perfect grade A 8-celled embryos. 3 is a very good number.

3 is a prime number.

Triangles have 3 sides.

There are 3 primary colors.

The 3 musketeers.

The physical world has 3 dimensions.

Phi Mu has 3 founders.

Yin, Yang, and Tao.

In Christianity there are 3 theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity.

The Christian doctrine of Trinity which is the unity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

3 perfect embryo’s = pregnant!!??

Oh, and 3 days til Vegas!

One thought on “Positive Pregnancy Sign #9

  1. Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but… Gads Woman! You got me all anxious for the upcomming BFP post! I'm so supper positive for you. I hope you are going to test before going to Vegas! Or if you wait unil after you leave that you will have internet access to update us all.


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