Positive Pregnancy Sign #8

Positive Pregnancy Sign #8

Hmmm….well, nothing has changed. I still have cramping, dizziness, exhaustion, very large sore breasts, and the basic “Blah” feeling.

Buuutttt….I did get a but load of free pregnancy tests from Morgan! How’s that for awesome! She just happens to be a Doula and just happens to teach sex education and just happens to have recently gotten like 1000 pregnancy tests for her program. I’m going to take that as a positive sign, which brings me to my dilemma…..

I’m totally afraid to test!! What if it’s negative? What if all my symptoms are from the progesterone? What if I’m making them all up and it’s just in my head??

I think the earliest I should test is Monday anyhow….

One thought on “Positive Pregnancy Sign #8

  1. When I was pg last year I was also scared to test. I didn't test until I was five days late. lolKeeping ++++++ BFP sticky vibes for you.


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