Positive Pregnancy Sign #7

Positive Pregnancy Sign #7

I’m REALLY REALLY tired. Tired as in I slept most of today after my training was done. I’m still feeling blah and crampy and still have the ginormous breasts but now I’m EXHAUSTED.

So you know when you kind of sleep off and on and have weird dreams? I was having a doozy. In my dream my parents were throwing a party for me. I went over to take a look at the cake and it was in the shape of a person, but it had this thing in the middle of it. I asked my mom what it was and she told me it was my embryo’s. She had also made homemade potato chips with imprints of my three tiny embryo’s in the middle of them. On all the napkins it said, “We might be Grandparents!”

As if that is not crazy enough, one of the guests was an Elvis impersonator! I accidentally walked in on him when he was using the bathroom and it scared me!

Now for the clincher- a second guest at the party (who in real life is out of the country) showed last minute. I was really excited to see her and was talking to her about various pregnancy complications. Turns out that in real life she is actually back in the country visiting- with her twin!

3 thoughts on “Positive Pregnancy Sign #7

  1. I'm not one to add to the excitement of the 2ww… but, I'm so excited for you. I can't help but think your IVF took. I can't wait to hear the results in about a week! Keep the symptoms/signs comming. I'm living through you.


  2. Seriously, I'd so be POAS like, twice daily. I have no patience. I bought them online and paid like 50 cents each so I could POAS whenever I wanted to. OOOOHHHHHHHH the dollar store has them and they really work too……


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