ESOL Training

ESOL Training

I’m taking care of my required 60 hours of ESOL training this week. Teachers are always quite an eclectic group, in case you don’t know any.

For instance:

1) There is a lady that has been carrying a mouse in her pocket the past two days in a row.
2) Same lady with mouse leaves room every 10-15 min for *very* important phone calls.
3) The lady in front of me has been walking funny and all of the sudden has resorted to putting a towel down on her seat before sitting.
4) I can’t understand a word the guy behind me says and *yes* he is speaking English.
5) Lady in back far corner on the other side of the room teaches elementary school and is missing her 2 front teeth.
6) The lady two seats in front of me doesn’t stop smiling. Ever.

I’m REALLY trying not to judge here but I’m secretly snickering inside. Let me be mean here for a minute. My thoughts (in above order):

1) The last time I saw someone carry a mouse around with them in public I was teaching middle school and the student was 11 years old. She must really have a special “relationship” with that mouse and she better hope it doesn’t get out. I have a feeling that the guy in row three with the physics degree might stomp on it.
2) She is a teacher for crying out loud. What is SO important that she has to leave training repeatedly. She literally leaves like her life depends on it. Perhaps these calls are in regards to her mouse?
3) I don’t know what’s going on with the lady in front of me and the sudden appearance of the towel today, but it can’t be for cushion. The phrase “poopy pants” comes to mind when I watch her walk in the room and sit on that towel. Once I had a sorority sister who had a bit of a stomach bug and drove home sitting on a towel in case of an oopsie.
4) The guy behind me is a PE teacher so I guess it doesn’t matter that I can’t understand him.
5) The lady with the missing teeth also has a really really long pony tail (past her bottom) that is dead and frizzy. I wonder if she let her teeth out for summer or if this is what she looks like during the school year, because I think I would have nightmares if she were my 4th grade teacher.
6) Two words regarding super smiley teacher: “Freaky.” “Weird.”

Well, at least the class in entertaining.

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