Positive Pregnancy Sign #4

Positive Pregnancy Sign #4

The week after Jennifer and Brandi left I had a very realistic dream one afternoon during my daily cat naps.

Jennifer (who really is pregnant in real life) and I went to the Dr. to see what the sex of her baby was going to be. I think I’m there for support! She and I are in the room together waiting for the Dr. and decide to play around with the ultrasound machine. I put it on my belly first to test it since I’m not pregnant. BUT, the moment I put the wand on my belly the screen shoots a message in green flashing letters:


I thought it was broken so Jenny put it on her belly and it says she is having a boy. I put it back on my belly again and it one more time it screams at me:


I am so excited and I just can’t believe it. I never imagined I would be pregnant. At this time the Dr. comes in the room and confirms Jenny is having a boy and that I am indeed pregnant.

**I know it is just a dream, buuuutttt Jenny did just find out a couple of weeks ago that she is having a boy!**

Congrats to the Muhlbauer’s! We’re having another nephew!

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