Positive Pregnancy Sign #2

Positive Pregnancy Sign #2

Back in March I ordered a fertility charm from the baby psychic. The fertility charm was charged with Reiki (positive energy) and came with a paragraph that I was supposed to read while I held my charm.

Side note- let’s remember I’m pretty much desperate here and would have drank Matt’s urine if I knew it was 100% guaranteed I would get pregnant. Gross, but true. I’ve been in a dark place. LOL!

The jist of the paragraph is that it was to bring a message (good or bad) within 15 days of carrying this thing around.

True Story:

  • Received Reiki infused Fertility Charm on a Monday.
  • Got call with bad test result on Wednesday of that same week- told IVF was our best option.
  • On Friday of same week find out that my RE is doing an IVF study and we qualify.


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