Embryo Transfer – Check!

Embryo Transfer – Check!

This morning I had my embryo transfer and we couldn’t ask for a better scenario! We transferred three beautiful 8-celled grade A embryo’s!

Bulleted List
And so to recap the last few weeks events, it went down like this:

  • During follicle stimulation they saw 12 eggs
  • At retrieval they were able to get 8 of those eggs
  • Only 6 of those eggs were mature enough to fertilize
  • Of the 6 that were fertilized, only 4 actually divided into embryo’s
  • Of our 4 embryo’s, 3 continued to divide into 8 cells, while the 4th stopped at 4 cells.

Hence, three perfectly transferred embryo’s. My favorite part is the ultrasound picture of my embryo’s they gave me! I might actually frame it and put it on our nursery when the time is right.

Right now, we are just trying to remain positive and hope for the best. I can’t wait to see what happens in just 2 weeks!

Speaking of which, I’m not sure if you noticed that we will be in Vegas in just 11 short days! This trip was planned way back in December and we are very excited about it. I figure if I’m preggers it will be a little celebration trip. If I’m not preggers, well…it will be a great place to drown my sorrows! LOL!

My point is that I won’t be making any grand announcements on here until probably the end of June. That will give us some time to tell our family and confirm with the docs and all. Wish us sticky embie vibes!

3 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer – Check!

  1. Oh hun! I waited for this update all day! I just got in from my date and the first thing I did was check to see how you were doing! 🙂 I'm wishing you all the best and I am praying for you! I can't wait to see your BFP post at the end of the month! {{{HUGS}}}


  2. One year ago this weekend I also was supposed to be in Vegas, but I didn't go because Holder Benjamin (Baby West at the time), made me so sick. Maybe there's a baby and Vegas connection with us 😉 I'll be praying for you!


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