Egg Retrieval- Check!

Egg Retrieval- Check!

This morning was the egg retrieval and all went well. I have two words for you:

Owie. Ow!

Yeah, it hurt! Anyway, they got 8 eggs in the end and we’re hoping for 3 nice embies for our Friday transfer. I’ll hear more about that later.

The good news about the retrieval is that I was asleep (under anesthesia) for the entire procedure so I don’t remember anything. The bad news is that when I woke up it was like the worst cramps I had EVER felt in my entire life. I also may have mumbled some gibberish to Matt that is just a little bit embarrassing and not very lady-like. Oops.

Thank God I listened to the Dr. and got a substitute for today. There is no way I would have made it. I could barely walk up until the last hour or so. Did I mention only 2 more days of school for me before my 10 week summer vacation?


5 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval- Check!

  1. I'm so excited for you! Keep us updated with how the eggs are doing. Fingers crossed. P & PT that you will be feeling better very soon!


  2. I've got everything crossed for you and am sending some major BFP vibes down to you. Hope you are feeling better today.YAY! for having a 10 week break!


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